The first complete system that lets the resident control his visitors and service providers from the comfort of a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The visitor and service provider receive a link that is controlled by date and time that lets them open the gate by pushing the link and eliminate the long lines at the guard gate.

The access is no longer tied to a vehicle but rather to the person that is eligible for entry. The resident can also operate the gate with the smartphone and therefore can be in another vehicle or with friends and family.

Resident may operate several gates both entry and others (Golf Club, Marina, Club etc.).  Each gate is displayed with its own picture and only the eligible gate opens.

Resident has several options:

  1. Complete access (Family, Maid, Gardner, Pool Service etc.).
  2. One time access for guest and other service providers
  3. Ad-Hock – Sending a link will immediately serve as an “open” button for the guest.

The resident has an option to receive a monthly activity log for control of his access activities.

The service is priced at a very comfortable monthly payment or a onetime annual discounted (20%) payment.

For people who do not reside all year the monthly option lets them operate and pay per use.

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